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Profiting From Change

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Profiting From Change

Scriptures abound on the inevitability of change. Isaiah 43:18-19 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 readily come to mind.

Matter remains in a state of inertia until some force is applied to it to make it change position. Funny enough, man shares that attribute. Man is in love with status quo – the Latin for ‘the mess we are in’.

We must all come to terms with the fact that God made us for growth. It is a fact that every living thing is either growing or dying. This makes it clear that being in a static state is only a nonexistent illusion.

We can all profit from change. Change transcends political sloganeering, apologies to the party that preaches change in Nigeria. Anyone who resists change will be swept away by change. The only One that does not change is God – and His word.

How then do we benefit from this unstoppable phenomenon called change?

– we must seek growth. This comes by learning and retooling ourselves from time to time. Never let anyone (especially your customers or employers) declare you obsolete. It is wise to declare yourself obsolete by constantly exposing yourself to what is the in-thing in your profession, vocation, your country and, indeed, the world you live in. I cannot imagine a serious bank still using ledger cards (of blessed memory) for its operations neither can I imagine an upwardly bound professional who knows nothing about the trends in his or her profession.

We must expose ourselves to constant and never-ending learning.

Think deeply about what Eric Hoffer said: in times of change the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

This is not to disparage our lawyer friends who call themselves learned and the rest of us educated! The pun aptly conveys our point here.

– you must be willing to change today from anything or any company holding you down. These are debilitating forces that shot change your destiny. Friend, the sin that you have assumed you can do nothing about is a major hindrance on your way to all-round success in life. The best time to get rid of that sin is today. One of the greatest truths in life is that there is no obstacle, including sin, that man cannot overcome through the power that Jesus makes available to those who come to Him. John 1:12. Therefore, no delay in changing our lives for the better should be entertained. The wisdom of changing today, as need be, is that the price you pay for delayed change is rather too high. Marriages have broken down because parties to them were unwilling to change. This explains why there are many divorces that are still in love with their former spouses. Businesses have folded up because their owners were unwilling to change to best practices in the way they run them. Friendships have packed up because parties to the relationships delayed in changing their views about what sustains relationships. People in exalted positions have messed up, big time, in office because they procrastinated change.

As we continue in the journey of life, let us place more premium on change (for the better) in order to profit – whoever resists change will become its casualty. The price of being in enmity with change is too steep to contemplate.
See you at the top!

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