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Planning Is Like Toothbrush: use yours, not mine!

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Planning Is Like Toothbrush: use yours, not mine!


Planning and faith share an attribute in common: each of them is like toothbrush. You can’t use mine and, certainly, I can’t use yours!

Just like using other people’s toothbrush is dangerous for mouth hygiene, using other people’s plan for your future is a poor destiny ‘hygiene’.

It is spiritually unbalanced to think that planning is against God’s will for our lives. Jesus, The greatest teacher that ever walked planet earth, endorsed planning, in Luke 14:28-32 when He used two illustrations to show the importance of planning. For the King faced with imminent war, Jesus gave His nod to the King’s first taking stock of his weaponry and soldiers before going to war or avoiding it! For the man about to embark on a building project, The Lord approved his first assessing his resources to be sure he has what it takes to build the house so as not to become a laughing stock. He never encouraged the King, or the potential landlord, to go and adopt, wholesale, other people’s plan but he underscored the wisdom of each of them drawing up his own plan for the project at hand.

We all know that planning is a step by step guide on activities that will lead to achieving a desired goal.
As children of God, all we need do regarding planning is to pray that the Holy Spirit (Who is present in our hearts) will cause our plans to be in tandem with God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Abandoning planning altogether, so as not to appear to lack faith, is to throw away the baby with the bath water. There is a very thin line between faith and foolishness. May we see the line clearly in Jesus name. The fact remains that planning after prayers is actually a faith walk, so long as we back it up with prayer-inspired actions and confessions.

In their best seller, Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will, Noel M. Tichy and Stratford Sherman, wrote about how Jack Welch turned General Electric to the great organization it became because of his principle of taking his destiny in his own hands. Sheer mental laziness has made many to conclude that, if-it-is-got-to-be for them, it depends on others. Nothing could be further from the truth about life and destiny.


History is replete with unfulfilled destinies of people who thought others owe them existence and must demonstrate that by planning for them. You won’t be part of that frustrated group in Jesus name, unless you choose to! Allowing others to plan your future for you is an express road to ending life shabbily.


The word of God says everyone will give account of himself. That is a clear warning that you should plan to give a good account of your time on earth by making it count.


The church is a great place for self development and preparation for eternity but it is very unfair of you to expect the church to plan your future for you. No pastor is so anointed that he can hand down the blueprint of how your life should run to you. Your pastor may mean well but trying to plan your future for you is outside his pastoral mandate!


Your mentor may be very successful in his chosen career but applying the plan he used to achieve success, hook line and sinker, amounts to attempting to use his toothbrush! If you haven’t seen a boss or mentor who felt threatened by the rising profile of his subordinate, ask King Saul and David. Also find out from Jacob and his maternal uncle, Laban. I can’t imagine the type of plan Saul would have designed for David had the latter allowed him.


Your employer or boss cannot take over the plan of your life from you. If you allow him he will ensure that you end up way below him in the corporate ladder- and God help you if he is a mediocre!


Allowing anybody or system to design your future is abdicating responsibility for the future you really desire. If you don’t know how to plan, there are loads of materials on planning on the net and in books. Read them up. Planning is no rocket science.


The only plan for your future that yours should defer to is that of God for your life. He packaged you and put you in your mother’s womb for a purpose. Find out that purpose and draw up a plan, prayerfully, on how to key into it.


If you allow anybody (or organization) to plan your life for you, he or she (or it) will do so as it suits him or her (or it). To fail to plan is to plan to fail. By all means, seek counsel from smarter people but do your own planning.


See you at the top in Jesus name

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