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Learn To Enjoy Your Journey To The Top

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Learn To Enjoy Your Journey To The Top


One of the greatest tragedies of life is to spend a day without enjoying it – and I mean that in a very wholesome sense.
The devil sees to it that, in the name of goal setting, we spend our days ever aspiring and never pausing to enjoy our attainments and achievements.

I have a schoolmate who is doing very well. After high school, we went our different ways. We had a chance reunion 20 years ago and we became quite close thereafter. Nice fellow, if you ask me, but he had never taken a vacation for all the 20 years! Each time I suggest he should take a break he tells me there so much to achieve and that a vacation is a luxury he can ill afford.

This friend typifies most of us who are so focused on achieving our goals that we forget to enjoy the gift of each day and the blessings that come with it. What a tragic waste!

This is like traveling to a desired destination but missing out on the beautiful sceneries en route.

You are gunning for a degree, appreciate the certificates you already have; you are planning to acquire a posh car, enjoy the boneshaker you now drive around town; your goal is to become the MD/CE of some big conglomerate, why don’t you savour your present status of a manager or even clerk? We could go on about the things we chase after that Satan uses to steal the moment’s joy from us and waste our days.

Please don’t get me wrong. You should, definitely, aspire to be great. It is well said that if we don’t grow we decline. However, growing should not be at the expense of today’s joy. There will always be something to wish for: better cars, bigger house, classier neighbourhood, finer wardrobe etc

A vacation is not a luxury. We all need it. In fact, for smart people, it is not negotiable. My guy, a date with your spouse does not make you a woman wrapper. A hearty laugh, a nice and decent joke with colleagues or neighbours could do your lung and theirs a world of good! Above all, gratitude to God for the very breath of your nostril is wisdom and life’s elixir!

Query whatever you aim for in life. If it is robbing you the joy of the moment, it could be satan’s ploy to waste your days and, consequently, your very life.

Enjoy your journey to the top!

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