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Its Time We Told Our Governors The Home Truth

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Its Time We Told Our Governors The Home Truth


It is heart rending to hear that after the just concluded, expensively executed election (obviously funded partly from funds of states’ governments), we hear of states owing their workers salary arrears running into over half a year!

The governors that run our states should be weaned from the federal government breasting feeding that comes to them through monthly allocation sourced mainly from the sale of crude petroleum.

A nation as rich as Nigeria, blessed with all manner of natural and human resources should chart its way out of the dependence on oil and the centralizing of its resource base.

Any state governor who depends solely on monthly allocation from Abuja should not be found anywhere around 10 km radius of any state house in Nigeria! In other words, such a governor has no business leading a state.

A governor, who is sound intellectually, should be able to generate resources for governance independent of the federal government. We must impress on the National Assembly to promptly start the process of migrating the nation to true federalism. It should be such an alliance qualified to be called a confederation.

If the proposed weaning is taken seriously, it will develop a healthy rivalry between the states of the federation, as was the case during the first republic -October 1960 to January 1966.

The monthly allocation dole out has destroyed the groundnut pyramids in Kano, the oil produce of the south east, the tin ore of Jos, the huge rubber/timber plantations of Edo and Delta states etc. Free food dulls the minds!

The only condition for which the present baseless explanation as to why the states civil servants should continue to starve is that the Chief executives of the states, and their bloated cabinets, are also hungry and are owed salaries. With all the treasures that lie fallow in virtually every state of Nigeria, no state should owe its workers a day’s pay unless some state leader is not thinking seriously about wealth creation for its people.

It is time we told our governors to put on their thinking caps!

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