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Celebrating Lawson, My Honest Mechanic!

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Celebrating Lawson, My Honest Mechanic!

Who says Nigerian youths are Lazy? Lawson, my mechanic, proves that a white lie.
I had suffered many things in the hands of my mechanic until I met Lawson, a young man from Edo state, and since that blessed encounter, I have literally bid my mechanic, an incurably covetous albeit smart crook, farewell.
I was introduced to Lawson by a pastor friend who gave him N180,000 to replace the engine of his (the pastor) Toyota Rav 4 engine. Lawson got the engine for N84,000 and returned the balance of N96,000 to my friend! I thought it was fairytale until I gave this rare gem N12,000 to buy stuff for my own car and he brought me a balance of N8,000! God help me if it was my former mechanic. Jegesco (not real name) never refunded me a dime for the almost two decades of using his services. On the contrary, he would tell me I must give him more to balance him for spending extra money on what I asked him to do on my car.

Anytime I need Lawson’s service, I take his word as his bond and I have never been disappointed for about a decade of dealing with him. I preach about Lawson’s integrity as being an example for every child of God to emulate. I have introduced him to my circle of influence and it has always been thumbs up for my doing so. The church I presently lead had its own share of the ‘wayo’ of the typical Nigerian artisan but since Lawson came on the scene, by reducing an N700,000 bill to N140,000 for working on the church bus, the church will not let go of him – the bus has been up and running ever since!

Many would ask if the Lawson’s of this world will ever make it. The answer is yes, they will. Lawson is in such demand that you have to book an appointment to use his service. A soldier, who was transferred from Lagos to Bonny Island would not let any mechanic out there fix anything in his car, apart from routine service. You guessed right, he sends for Lawson for any repair in his vehicle. Who says integrity will not take you places? In Proverbs 22:29, the Bible says: Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

I once asked him why he chose to tell the truth always and he didn’t even think twice before saying, ‘oga na dat one easy pass’. In other words, telling the truth is far easier than lying. That was some bible study from my mechanic, who, incidentally, is born again! His reply ties in so neatly with Proverbs 13:11: Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.

Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, knowledge without integrity is dreadful and dangerous but integrity (with knowledge) is the hope of the world – Lawson has both integrity and knowledge and they paying off handsomely for him.

It is the likes of Lawson that should be given our national awards. Many that we parade for such recognition should be behind bars in other climes. Playing politics with our national awards has made them lose the essential value of challenging us to be the best we can be for our nation and for humanity.

I need to celebrate my plumber too but that will be for another day. I believe I am writing this under inspiration. I hope somebody is learning a life-changing lesson from this piece. Don’t be clever by half with those who deal with you in trust. God has not created one successful liar and will never create one.

Who are you celebrating? Please use this medium to hail them. Let us not be economical with the praise of great Nigerians like Lawson. Why wait for people to pass on before we celebrate their greatness cum uprightness? That is of little use.

People who play the tribe or race card have nothing to offer their generation. Lawson is from Edo state and I am a proud Deltan. The market rewards the value we bring to it and not the time we spend in it or our place of origin – which is an accident of birth. God bless Lawson!


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