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Thank God For Your Balaam’s Ass

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Thank God For Your Balaam’s Ass

TEXT: Numbers 22:5-33

That fine morning when Balaam, a prophet turned life member of the fast guys club, who couldn’t be bothered how he made it, as long as he made it, mounted his usually loyal ass on his almost ill-fated journey to curse Israel. Make it he must, even if an innocent nation (the Jews) perished in the process. But for the mercy of God, Balaam’s greed would have fetched him instant death. The vessel for the sparing of covetous Balaam was his ass, which, unusually, stopped obeying him en route the venue, where he (Balaam) was heading. Balaam did all he possibly could to get the beast to continue on the journey to no avail. At some point, Balaam even sustained an injury trying to make the ass get on with the trip. The rest of the story is well documented in our text. Bottom line: Balaam was prevented from premature death, that would have resulted, from his drive for money.
Don’t we all have our own Balaam’s asses? Now let’s get real. Doesn’t our desperation make us Balaam’s look-alike?

In Proverbs 16:25 the word of God says there is a way which seems right unto a man that invariably leads to destruction. God, who is rich in mercy, often stops us from having our own ways, not because He is a sadist but because, as The Beginning and The End (Alpha and Omega), He knows that some of our plans will crush us.

If we will be true to ourselves, we have all made plans that are disguised suicide bids. If God, were a Father that indulges His children by giving His nod to all their wishes, many of us would have been long dead from the plans we hatched! Thank God for God!

We all have come up with water-tight game plans. But being the fallible human beings we are, we are often blind to the big picture. Even when God, who will never pander to our wishes (that may end up becoming our Waterloo), stops such plans from execution, we often push very hard to make them come through. Thank God for loving us too much to make everything we bring to our planning drawing board click. If he did a lot of us would be history by now.

Am I downplaying planning here? Far from it. By all means, plan. Not to do so is to plan to fail BUT plan with an open mind – expecting God to override your plans (where necessary) with His never-failing leading for your life. All our attributes and our assets, including our education and riches, could fail us like Balaam’s ass but God is behind such ‘disappointments’ invariably for our good – if we are truly His. Romans 8:28. I will never be caught riding in a car without a reverse gear no matter how posh it is!

Remember, He does not owe us any explanation for His loving intervention of stopping our journeys to self-short-change. Otherwise, He loses His sovereignty – which can never happen!

Be grateful to God for your Balaam’s ass, my dear friend!

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