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Set Integrity Standard Upfront

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Set Integrity Standard Upfront

You probably have heard the saying ‘don’t just get ready, live ready’. There is no where that finds relevance like in the question of how to allow one’s life to be run on the rail or track of integrity.
Integrity is wholeness. It is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It is walking your talk. It is being yourself regardless of who is watching.
Companies that are run on integrity principles have been known to outlive those that are run on the fast lane. The latter are often on a sprint (short distance) while their integrity-driven counterparts are on a marathon (long distance)! Families that have integrity as their value are more cohesive than the ones that could not care less about this great virtue.
I make bold to note that most businesses in Nigeria do not outlive their founders because of the AIDS ( Acquired Integrity Deficiency Syndrome!) that ail their founders.

We live in a world with multiple temptations which appear to grow more intense as we advance in life. The only way to tame this hydra-headed monster, called temptation, is to build one’s life on integrity foundation as early as possible. When we delay setting integrity standards summoning them later to assist us become uphill tasks, if not outright impossible. Please do not postpone the setting up of integrity standards for yourself any further. It gets tougher to do so as you progress in life.

If you can succumb to temptations as a clerk in an organization, the sea of temptations that flows in the CEO’s office will simply drown you (I pray not), if you eventually make it to that position in your career; if while growing up you never returned the excess on the change you received from your neighbourhood each time you bought stuff thence, when you become an adult you are likely to dodge tax, pilfer from your employer or dupe your customers; If as a single man or woman you hop from one bed of fornication to the other on the excuse that it is because you are not married, chances are that you will come up with another excuse when you get married and find yourself in serial adultery. Kick the bad habit now before it destroys you. The thieving public officer did not start when he got into public office. He started his embezzlement voyage from ‘tapping’ the ballpoints (popularly called biros) of his classmates back in his school days; the pastor who exaggerates what God is doing in his ministry to attract more church members to enrich himself, in all likelihood, started by embellishing his testimonies when he just joined church! I read a shocking news item, in one of the dailies recently, of a man who arranged the kidnap of his own son to extort money from his rich brother! That is how brutish the lack of integrity can make one. He probably had been conning his rich sibling back from while they were growing.

Set integrity standards upfront and your journey through life will be stable. Your life will not be a case of up-morally-today-and-down-morally-tomorrow. Some people are like the chameleon. When they are in the midst of good people they become good and if, for some reasons, they find themselves in the midst of crooks they become fraudsters! Their principle is ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. Most of us have paid dearly for not setting standards for our lives early enough but we can do so today. Remember, today is the first day in the rest of our lives. There is yet hope for us to correct our course.
This is why coming to Jesus will do you only good. He gives the power to make one a child of God. John 1:12. In other words, he enables those who accept Him as their Lord and Saviour to live more honourable lives than those who do not, by the enabling presence of His Spirit in their hearts and the word of God to renew their minds.
Billy Graham, the evangelism legend of all times, once observed that if you lose your money you have lost nothing, if you lose your health you have lost something but if you lose your integrity, you have lost all.
Hurry, embrace Jesus today and allow His Spirit to help you set integrity standards. Getting to the top can be a function of your smartness, or who you know, but only integrity (nobility of character) will keep you there!
See you at the top in Jesus awesome name!

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